Sunday, September 23, 2007

Island Station Power Plant

The Island Station Power Plant has been abandoned for like... fuckin forever. It's this big eerie behemoth down by the river that you can pretty much always see lurking in the woods. They were gonna turn it into condos a while ago, but I think that plan fell through, so I don't know what the deal is now. Probably just gonna get demolished

It's frequented pretty often by taggers, so the fuzz have been slowly but surely making it harder and harder to get in. We eventually found a pretty inconspicuous entrance that I really hope nobody wises up to, (SO DON'T FUCK IT UP FOR US, PUNKS!) and made our way inside.

We landed on the first floor, among some amazing sights. Crazy ladders going everywhere, furnaces and girders criss crossed in all directions

Our first stop was to the basement, which was especially sweet, since it was the only place in there that I hadn't already been. It was way more epic than I could even describe. There's all this creepy machinery and shit down there, and it was totally black except for our flashlights.

Jacques found this ancient watch, which was pretty rad, but there was also some seriously fucked up shit (ie, a used condom, some DISGUSTING porn, and a page ripped from a dirty novel that someone had highlighted the uh.. best parts of... as it were... sick.) There was also about fifty billion folding chairs. Creepy.

Here, Franklin poses among some crazy-ass rusted out machines in the basement. Anyone have anyclue as to what this shit does??

After that, we went and explored the upper floors which were filled with other sweet machinery and some amazing graffiti. This huge hook was suspended from the cieling of a truly massive room where there was some weird exercising machinery and piles of bricks.

More weird-asss piles of bricks stacked next to Franklin. To HIS right is the old elevator shaft going from the basement to the roof above us.

This catwalk spans the room where the huge hook is hanging

Jaques walks along a sturdy catwalk that runs parallel to the coal conveyor, that we think delivered and dumped the ground coal into the furnace.

We just kept climbing up and up more and more stairs

We eventually made our way to the roof. Holy shit, dudes, the roof. It's amazing. The view is gorgeous, and we were there right as the sun was setting.

Franklin poses with the water tower on top of the building. We dared not climb that ladder out of fear of being seen by someone on the ground and having the police called on our asses ... we generally stayed low as to keep out of sight.

Plus, the best graffiti is up there. And so is the smokestack, which doesn't look that big from far off, especially compared to the working power plant nearby, but when you're right up next to it, HOLY SHIT!

The sun was getting pretty low by the time we exited the roof and headed back down. We didn't want to have to use our flashlights inside when it was dark (good way to get caught, that is) so we made our way to the "exit" we had created for ourselves.

Here is Jaques, carefully clambering out of the plant, getting ready to slide his bag down this hooked pipe we found.

By this time, it was almost completely dark, so we stumbled through the woods till we got to Jaque's car, parked maybe 5 or six bocks up the road. Thoroughly punk rock, we proceeded to the Temple of the Drowned Cat drain for the night's next adventure.



Kevin said...

This expedition was incredible. I would have given quite a bit to be there. Excellent photography, and good storytelling to boot.

Taylor said...

You sir are amazing,
Email me please.