Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Recon Missions

Its been a while since the last update and I thought I'd clue people in to what is going on:

1. Jaques and i headed downtown STP searching for entrances we had heard of. The first was locked from underneath. We drove a bit more and walked a lot, but did not find much except a cool trapdoor that we could not open (we needed some sort of key thing).

2. We returned a few days later. All we found was a little room that seemed to be a weather recording station. Cool, though not what we were hoping for.

3. Much research on campus has led to the discovery of an entry point to the steam tunnels on my schools campus: however its in a populated area so Ill have to wait till 3 in the morning someday. Also, I met with another explorer on campus!

Cheers! More to come soon!

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