Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring 2008

Hey folks

All of the snow is almost melted and we are anxious to get back on track with exploring. The Winter hiatus that began with the epic toe freezing in Lucky 13/St. Anthony Drain deterred us from most underground exploring, but we are back on track and prepared for some grand adventures! MORE EXPLORING!

A visit to the store will provide us with waders so that our feet never get wet again and therefore making our exploring balls grow six sizes! Upcoming updates will include:

•Waterfall Drain
•Phalen/Trout Brook
• ToT
• Tailraces
• Loads of other cool abandoned shit.

Ill never forget extra batteries again <3



Anonymous said...

you guys hit up ToT?

Goxkok said...

not yet, will happen eventually

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Hittin shit uP!